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Are you worried about the high crime rate in your residential or business area? Don’t worry when Falcon Patrol Security is here. As a trusted symbol of safety and reliability in Woodlands, TX. We believe in providing solutions to your security issues. We are the best security guards company in town, here to protect our community. Our security guards are not only trained and equipped but also deeply devoted to ensuring your safety. We offer various services, from residential to commercial security, delivered by a team of experienced professionals, including ex-policemen and military personnel. Our workforce is proactive and knows how to react in emergency situations. Call us today to experience the difference!

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Falcon Patrol Security is a company providing high-standard security services in Woodlands, TX. Our full focus is on personal and commercial protection, and therefore, we offer extraordinary security services for you, your family, business, and property. We offer security guards, bodyguards, and fire watch services at highly competitive prices in the whole area. We have tailored solutions to your specific needs, which is why we also have armed and unarmed security professionals on our team. Our certified security professionals know how to make safety plans using the latest methodologies and techniques. We offer security cameras and 24-hour dispatch and monitoring services as well. Call us today at 512-566-9998. We are just a phone call away!


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