When you see an officer wearing the Falcon Patrol badge and uniform, you know that you are dealing with a highly trained professional officer. Our officers receive more than 80 hours of training–twice the amount required by the state of Texas to obtain a license. Our officers are screened and tested and receive training in:

Crowd control

Personal protection/ bodyguard

Texas law and private security regulation.

Client relations

How to handle and prevent theft/shoplifting

Our officers are there for you if you need any type of Uniformed Services including:

Residential Security

You expect the highest level of security service for your community and we deliver it!

With our uniformed officers our presence within the neighborhood will be visibly known. Whether on foot, golf cart, bike or in the patrol vehicle we will keep watch for unusual behavior while safeguarding your property, the residents and their property.

We will enforce the curfew, lock up common areas like the pool, laundry room, fitness center and deter bulk trash dumping.

With us on site we act as first responders until help arrives.

Commercial Security

Protecting your most valued assets is our highest priority!

Our officers are trained in emergency preparedness, crowd control and other important specialized programs that are unique to the commercial and corporate building environment. Falcon Patrol Protection is ready to assist you in providing your clients, tenants and customers with the highest level of security, customer service and safety.

For your property’s custom plan, call us today at 512-566-9998.

Technology Enhanced Accessibility

Falcon Patrol Protection keeps you connected in real time, at all times allowing you to stay in the know, no matter where in the world you go!

With our interactive security camera surveillance systems you can access live footage and see what’s happening from any smart device. You can even get programmable email and text alerts.

Special Event Security

Falcon Patrol Protection offers Texas DPS Certified armed and unarmed officers for: access control, private events, concerts, church services, VIP protection, and traffic control. Our presence deters issues, with body and baggage searches to prevent unauthorized items. If issues arise, we handle them professionally, minimizing disruptions to clients and guests. Our officers ensure swift responses and can safeguard large areas and occupants during incidents.

Fire Watch

"Falcon Patrol Protection Officers ensure early fire hazard detection and response, complying with the 2015 International Fire Code. Our service is necessary when:
1. The fire alarm or sprinkler system will be offline for >4 hours (IFC901.7).
2. "Hot work" operations (e.g., welding) occur (IFC2604.2).
3. Local fire code deems a demolition operation hazardous."

Construction Watch

Ensuring project safety, deterring trespassers, and safeguarding construction sites, equipment, and personnel. We implement access control for accident prevention in multi-contractor scenarios. Our vigilant presence acts as a primary defense, with officers skilled in threat response and collaboration with law enforcement agencies, ensuring your project's uninterrupted progress.

Active Shooter Response  & Readiness

Active shooter situations are unpredictable, often escalate quickly and armed law enforcement is usually required to end the event. Having Falcon Patrol Protection Officers present and a strategic readiness plan in place are the first steps to prevention and preparedness.

Falcon Patrol can assist you in exploring a protective design plan suitable to your environment thus minimizing the loss of lives and property damage.

Our officers have combat experience and years of either law enforcement or military training giving them the competitive edge and threat readiness familiarity most security guards don’t have.

Personal Protection Officers/Bodyguards

Whether at home, your office, traveling to a certain location, or during an event, we can provide bodyguard services wherever it is needed.

Our bodyguard services extends to clients who are seeking special security measures or precautions from both known and unknow threats. Our services are aimed at protecting political figures, athletes, celebrities, business leaders, senior management or anyone who requires personal or family protection.

Our bodyguards are hand picked based on their professional experience, ranging from those with law enforcement or military experience possessing tactical close quarter combat training skills.

Armed/ unarmed security officer

Personal protection officer/ bodyguard

Shopping mall/shopping security

Residential Complexes and Gated Communities

Uniformed security for special events or private parties

Hotels/Motels/ Resorts


Fire watch

Healthcare Facilities

Construction sites

Office buildings/ commercial buildings


Manufacturing facilities


Mobile Patrol

Executive Protection

(Special Tactics and Response Units)

24-hour dispatch and monitoring

Corporate Complexes