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You deserve the best security for your peace of mind, and Falcon Patrol Protection delivers just that. As a top security guards company in your area, we take pride in offering you the most qualified professionals. Our guards are experienced and committed to your safety. We make sure to protect what matters the most to you. Consider us your trusted local partner who provides you access to top-tier security guards for your protection in San Marcos, TX. Contact us now.

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Falcon Patrol Protection, LLC stands as a distinguished security firm, comprising a dedicated team of former military and law enforcement experts. We are wholly committed to providing top-notch security solutions across the expansive Texas landscape. Our mission centers on safeguarding individuals, businesses, and properties, prioritizing your satisfaction. We uphold transparency and employ continually evolving security systems. Our unwavering goal is to consistently exceed expectations, drawing upon our expert knowledge and executing with unwavering precision to ensure your safety. Our pledge is to uphold the highest standards as we tirelessly protect our clients, delivering uncompromising excellence. Contact us today to experience our unique, personalized security approach.


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