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When you see an officer wearing the Falcon Patrol badge and uniform, you know that you are dealing with a highly trained professional officer. Our officers receive more than 80 hours of training–twice the amount required by the state of Texas to obtain a license. Our officers are screened and tested and receive training in:

Crowd control
Personal protection/ bodyguard
Texas law and private security regulation.
How to handle and prevent theft/shoplifting
Client relations
Our officers are there for you if you need any type of uniformed services including:
Armed/ unarmed security officer
Personal protection officer/ bodyguard
Shopping mall/shopping security
Residential Complexes and Gated Communities
Uniformed security for special events or private parties
Hotels/Motels/ Resorts
Night Clubs
Healthcare Facilities
Construction sites
Office buildings/ commercial buildings
Manufacturing facilities
Mobile Patrol
Executive Protection
(Special Tactics and Response Units)
24-hour dispatch and monitoring
Corporate Complexes
call us. Let us start protecting your business now.

Falcon Patrol